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Owned and operated by, Larry and Tonya Harber, Atlanta Christmas Lighting is a full service Christmas lighting and decoration service in the Atlanta area. Larry has been serving the Metro Atlanta area for over 12 years in the event production business and has decided to step into this seasonal venture. With over a decade in business under Astro Jump, Larry, Tonya and their team have exceptional customer service and are trained professionals in the industry. From start to finish, we provide the professional design and installation services and quality equipment and materials.

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We provide the highest quality products and professional service. The Christmas Light Installation Pros Association is comprised of professional Christmas light installers from around the United States and Canada that must meet certain criteria in order to become a (CLIPA) Certified Installer. When you are dealing with a CLIPA certified installer you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Consistent and review monitoring is in place and CLIPA installers must adhere to quality control guidelines that ensure the preservation of the group’s reputation.